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This mdication usually dos not caus low blood suga (hypoglycmia). Low blood suga may occu i this dug is pscibd with oth diabts mdications (such as insulin a sulonylua). Low blood suga is mlikly i you dink lag amounts alcohol, dunusually havy xcis, dnot consum nough calois om ood. Thlp pvnt low blood suga, at mals on a gula schdul, and dnot skip mals. Chck with you doctphamacist tind out what you should di you miss a mal.

VII. Compa p- and post-study tatmnt positon mission tomogaphy (PT)/computd tomogaphy (CT) scans tdtmin any chang in tumluoodoxyglucos (DG) uptak/mtabolism.

This mdication may caus lactic acidosis (a build-up lactic acid in th body, which can b atal). Lactic acidosis can stat slowly and gt wos ov tim. Gt mgncy mdical hlp i you hav vn mild symptoms lactic acidosis, such as: muscl pain waknss, numb cold ling in you ams and lgs, toubl bathing, stomach pain, nausa with vomiting, slow igula hat at, dizzinss, ling vy wak tid.

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