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Buy Estrace online

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Osteoporosis from menopause is a thinning of the bones that makes them weaker and easier to breakIf you use Estrace only to prevent osteoporosis from menopausetalk with your healthcare provider about whether a different treatment or medicine without estrogens might be better for youYou and your healthcare provider should talk regularly about whether you should continue with Estrace.

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Estrogen administration should be initiated at the lowest dose approved for the indication and then guided by clinical response rather than by serum hormone levelse.gestradiolFSHSee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION section

The most common side effects includeheadachebreast painirregular vaginal bleeding or spottingstomach/abdominal cramps and/or bloatingnausea and vomitinghair lossfluid retentionvaginal yeast infectionvaginal burningirritation and itching.

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take estrace exactly as prescribed by your doctor or follow the directions on your prescription label.

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