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In case of these Viagra side effects a medical intervention is not required because they pass and are not dangerous for the patient.

First consult your medical doctor and tell him about your allergiesproblems with blood systemheartissues with eyesbsp or other similar problemsTell him or her about all your experience with sildinafiltadalafilvardenafil or avanafil.

Viagra side effects often appear during the non-observance of the instruction for the use and exceeding the daily dosageAlsoviagra side effects may appear during the increased sensitivity of the body to Sildenafil.

Alsothe list of Sildenafil contraindications includes glaucoma because the man may have an inversive increase of the intraocular pressure during the increased sensitivity to this active componentIn case of glaucomait may cause severe side effects and nonreversible pathologies.

You need to take Nizagara up to 4 hours before sexual activityThe effect lasts for about 4 hoursYou can take it with or without foodbut you should know that it may not work so quickly with a high-fat mealRemember to use not more than 1 pill wihthin 24 hours.

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